Injection Moulding

Plastic products

  • Production of technical mouldings from thermoplastic materials
  • 3D measurements of components
  • Sizing to match the function
  • Complete solutions in development of plastic components
  • 3D modelling
  • Cooperation with client when designing custom-made products
  • Selection of material of corresponding properties
  • Outsourced mould flow and strength analyses
  • Custom testing of prototypes, mass production and technologically complex moulding dies
  • Use of single-purpose test and measurement tools for plastic components
  • Measures in place to achieve maximum possible product quality with effective and rational mass production solution

We specialise in modelling, development and manufacture of technical plastic products using injection moulding technology for various industries, mainly automotive and electrical engineering industries.

Injection moulding technology

Our production technologies consist of injection moulding machines, partially equipped with driers to remove moisture from material with pre-dried air, high-performance tempering units and a variety of peripheral devices linked to particular products.

Injection moulding machines: BATTENFELD 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 1800 a 4500kN; ARBURG Allrounder 370S (clamping force from 60 to 450 tonnes)
Control unit: UNILOG 4000, B2 a B4
Manipulators: WITTMANN
Die tempering: TOOL-TEMP
Granulate drying: MOTAN and WITTMANN driers with molecular sieve